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...we seek to be an inclusive, vibrant worshipping community.

All Saints' Church, Emscote 

...we seek to be an inclusive, vibrant worshipping community.

Pews News prayers for week commencing Sunday 30th June 2019

NEXT SUNDAY 7th July 2019 Parish Mass –3rd Sunday after Trinity (Readings: Isaiah 66.10-14; Galatians 6.7-16; Luke 10.1-11 16-20) 

Henry Nouwen writes:

Some people say: "I never had an experience of the

fullness of time. I am just an ordinary person, not a mystic." Although some people have unique experiences of God's presence and, therefore have unique missions to announce God's presence to the world, all of us - whether learned or uneducated, rich or poor, visible or hidden - can receive the grace of seeing God in the fullness of time.

This mystical experience, is not reserved for a few exceptional people. God wants to offer that gift in one way or another to all God's children. But we must desire it. We must be attentive and interiorly alert. For some people the experience of the fullness of time comes in a spectacular way, as it did to St. Paul when he fell to the ground on his way to Damascus (Acts 9:3-4). But for some of us it comes like a murmuring sound or a gentle breeze touching our backs (1 Kings 19:13). God loves us all and wants us all to know this in a most personal way.A verse to reflect on: Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

[Hebrews 1:14]

In our prayers this week:

  • Today the ordination of the new priests and deacons will take place at Coventry Cathedral. We give thanks to the Lord for calling the priest and deacon candidates into a royal priesthood. We pray for God to send down his Holy Spirit onto the newly ordained priests and deacons and give them grace and power to fulfil their ministry.

We pray for all who visit this church during the week, for the leaders of all the different groups that meet here and for those individuals who come for various reasons.

We pray that they would sense God’s presence here.

We remember those who serve refreshments each week after the Parish Mass, thanking them for their willingness and service.

  • The residents of Hill Street
  • The Sick

We pray for the sick

Please send your prayer requests to the following:  allsaints.emscote@outlook.com

We pray for the departed

Please send your prayer requests to the following:  allsaints.emscote@outlook.com

From the Calendar of Saints

1st July Henry, John & Henry Venn, priests, evangelical divines, 1797, 1813, 1873.

3rd July Thomas the Apostle

6th July Thomas More, scholar & John Fisher, bishop, martyrs, 1535



Please make a note in your diary:

The Summer Fair will take place on Saturday 20th July on the lawn and surrounding area of the Church.

This is to celebrate 30 years of the rebuild of All Saints Church!


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