...we seek to be an inclusive, vibrant worshipping community.

All Saints' Church, Emscote 

...we seek to be an inclusive, vibrant worshipping community.

Pews News prayers for week commencing Sunday 10th March 2019

NEXT SUNDAY 17th March 2019 –Parish Mass –2nd Sunday of Lent – Simply Worship (Readings: Philippians 3.17-4.1; Luke 13.31-end) 

We are now into the first full week of Lent, the 40-day period of preparation for Easter and the Resurrection of Christ. Lent gets its name from the old English Word lencten, which means Spring, the season in which it occurs from medieval times.However, the 40-day period of penance has its root in Scripture, namely the 40-day fast undertaken by Jesus before He began his public ministry (Mt 4:1-2). It is also

related to the 40 days and nights Moses fasted on Mount Sinai before he received the 10 Commandments (Ex 34:28) as well as the 40-days and nights journey and fasting undertaken by the prophet Elijah when he went to Mount Horeb (1 Kg 18:8). It is probably no coincidence that Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus at His Transfiguration, and that it is they whom He spoke with about His suffering and death (Lk 9:31) In the past, the Lenten fast was quite severe and often meant only one meal a day, usually taken in the evening.

Later, this was relaxed to allow a daytime meal and a smaller evening repast. Nowadays, the only required fast days set down for adults in the catholic Church, are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. We can do more than that voluntarily as it would seem to fit in with the spirit of Lent as it has been traditionally understood by the Church. In the Gospels, Christ clearly expected to His followers to undergo periods of fasting, telling us to do so in secret so that only the Father knows.Jesus also emphasized the importance of prayer and almsgiving, along with fasting, as ways of atoning for sin and growing closer to God.We may have resolved to undertake some form of

voluntary penance with a focus on fasting and abstinence. This could mean eating a bit less each day, or cutting out extras and “luxuries” such as jam or marmalade, or chocolate and cakes. As St. Therese of Lisieux showed in her “Little Way”, it is not necessary to make big

sacrifices in order to please God, but rather to do small things in a spirit of love.However, we should not forget that it is also important to practice an internal type of penance, that is to be more charitable, to help people and to show mercy. In the Gospels we are reminded of the first thing Jesus is recorded as saying when he returned from his forty day fast in the wilderness: “The time is fulfilled, and the

kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe in the gospel.

In our prayers this week we remember and pray for:

  • Ourselves as we seek to draw closer to God during Lent.
  • All those in our congregation who undertake different tasks which support the smooth running of this church and make our worship inclusive.
    • Those who visit All Saints during the week, praying that they would feel God’s presence here. We also pray for those who are seeking a “home church” that they would feel welcome.
    • Those who are preparing for marriage during the coming weeks and months.
    • For the residents of Broad Street.
    • For the sick.

We pray for the sick

Please send your prayer requests to the following:  allsaints.emscote@outlook.com

We pray for the departed

Please send your prayer requests to the following:  allsaints.emscote@outlook.com

From the Calendar of Saints

13th March Ember Day

15th March Ember Day

16th March Ember Day



Saints Alive (Lunch club plus): For Older people in the community. If you are on your own, lonely, in need of help and advice or just want to make new friends. Come and join us on a number of Friday’s in each month. 12.30pm – 2.30pm. A two course set lunch will be served for a donation. The next meeting will be 29th March 2019. Booking is essential as places are limited. Contact Glynis 01926 498990 or call Parish Office Monday – Thursday morning only.



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