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Vacancy Arrangements

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All Saints PCC is in an interregnum period at the present time and has produced the attached profile of the Parish for those who may be interested in considering this post. The profile has been put together by representatives from the Parish and from those representing the Diocese of Coventry. This profile is based upon the 8 essential qualities survey which supports the mission ambitions of the Diocese of Coventry.

In the attached version we have removed all pictures in order to make the profile small enough for anyone wishing to select and download it for personal use. Should you wish to see photographs of some events over recent times please view the photo gallery on this web site. We look forward to having comments on the profile and applications for the post.

Please click here to download

Holy Week & Easter 2015 Service Schedule

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Sunday 29 March

10.30am The Liturgy of Palm Sunday


Monday 30 March

11.00am Stations of the Cross

7.30pm Mass


Tuesday 31 March

11.00am Mass

7.30pm Stations of the Cross


Wednesday 1 April

11.00am Stations of the Cross

7.30pm Mass


Thursday 2 April

8.00pm The Liturgy of Maundy Thursday followed by all-night vigil (admission to vigil by prior arrangement only, for security reasons)


Friday 3 April

2.00pm The Liturgy of Good Friday

7.30pm Meditation on the Passion


Sunday 5 April

6.00am Vigil & First Mass of Easter followed by Parish Breakfast (admission by free ticket)

10.30am Festival Mass of Easter


For details of Morning and Evening Prayer please see Pews News, our weekly newsier or phone 01926 492073

Lent Course 2015 - Living the Questions (Module 3 - Call to Covenant)

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This Lent we are doing the last module of the Living the Questions Course. Sessions are on Monday evenings 7.30pm-9.30pm in the Coffee Room at All Saints'.


Mayor of Warwick's Civic Service 2015

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The Mayor of Warwick Cllr. Moria-Ann Grainger will be holding her annual civic service at our Parish Mass on 8th February. It will be attended by local and visiting civic dignitaries, and promises to be a great event. The Bishop of Warwick will preside. There will be a short reception afterwards to which all are invited.

Walking a Labyrinth

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Walking a labyrinth as a way of paying something Christians have been doing for centuries. A labyrinth is not a maze. When you walk a labyrinth you simply follow the path which will always take you to the centre. The standard way of walking to Labyrinth is to walk very slowly, following the path to the middle. After a pause at the centre, you slowly retrace your steps back out again.

The Labyrinth can be walked by people of every age, including children. We are using a canvas Labyrinth – the design can be seen below. Several people can walk the labyrinth at the same time, providing they are courteous. We ask you to remove your shoes before walking on the canvas. If you would like the 'labyrinth experience' but have difficulty walking, a small wooden labyrinth will be available. You can sit in place the labyrinthd on your lap and trace the path using a finger.

It is suggested that you allow one hour for walking the labyrinth. You might like to see it as a 'mini pilgrimage'. It is desirable to spend some time preparing for your journey. You could seek to become still, and practice walking very slowly. Might you want to say a prayer before you begin your pilgrimage? Once you begin to walk the Labyrinth may find you want to stop occasionally and reflect. You may like to rest at the centre, where there will be a lit candle. When the walk back is been completed you might like to sit and reflect for a while.

On the Labyrinth path that will be stations (stopping places) where meditation will be provided for you to use – if you wish.

The Labyrinth will be available at the following times:

Sunday 18th 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Monday 19th 10.00am to 12noon

7.30pm to 9.30pm (This session will begin with an introduction to  the labyrinth.)

Wednesday 21 10.00am to 12noon

6.30pm to 9.00pm

Thursday 22 10.30am to 12.30pm

Saturday 24 10.00am to 3.00pm


Lighting Project

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We have jsut finished a large project to update the very utilitarian strip lighting with a system more appropriate for a building like All Saints. Thre new lighting will a) improve light lewvels within the worship space, b) allow us to choose more appropriate lighting for particualr liturgical events, and c) be more appropriate for external users of the building (concerts etc.)

Christmas Fair 2014

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Rev'd Gloria Vaughan

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Rev'd Gloria Vaughan died peacefully at Myton Hospice on the morning of Sunday 16th March. Her funeral service took place at All Saints' on Wednesday 2 April.


A copy of one of the addresses given at Gloria's funeral can be found here


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The Bishop of Warwick, Rt. Rev'd John Stroyan, came to All Saints' on Sunday 8th December to confirm Andy & Jayne Hudson and Sarah Fitzmaurice, as well as to baptise Noah Hudson.